This is the second time this has happened this summer. This time an SUV plunged into the fast moving Payette River.


The accident happened about 5:30 yesterday evening. According to KTVB, the small SUV missed a curve in the road sending it down an embankment. It then hit a rock and plunged into the river.


Onlookers say the SUV floated for a few minutes and a man was struggling to get out before the vehicle sank. The story is eerily familiar to when a Kuna man's truck fell into the Payette River last month. 


The accident happened along I-55 just north of Smith's Ferry. Searchers called off the search at nightfall but they plan to resume searching for the SUV and a body early this next week.


The highway is expected to be shut down in the area for a couple hours while the recovery effort is going on.


Continue to try and be as safe as you possibly can. We've seen far too many deaths this summer.