If you were out and about on the Greenbelt at all over the weekend, you know it's that time of year where you're bound to run into flooding detours and fast moving water.

It's also the time of year when the Boise Fire Department brushes up on their lifesaving skills on the Boise River.  Unfortunately, during a training exercise on Tuesday, two Boise Fire crew members found themselves needing rescued after their boat lost power near the Broadway Bridge.  According to a post on Boise Fire's official Twitter account, their boat lost power during the training exercises and appears to be lodged under the bridge.  Both crew members were able to keep themselves above water by climbing on top of a bridge pillar.

Additional Boise Fire Crew members have been dispatched to help get them back to shore and free the speedboat.

This is a good time to remind you that the Boise River is flowing high, swift and very, very cold right now. While I was on my run on Saturday, I noticed that officials put back out the signs reminding the public that if they choose to get in the river during this period of dangerous conditions and need to be rescued, they will have to pay back all costs associated with their rescue.

The river is currently flowing at 6,600 CFS at the Glenwood Bridge. The Boise River is not considered safe for recreational activities like floating and swimming until flows drop to 1,500 CFS.

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