It pays to be an educator in Idaho. Although the Gem State is known not to be a high-paying state for teachers. It does pay to be a school system superintendent in IdahoConcern for how Idaho kids is a top priority for all Idahoans.  We've complied a list of the best public schools in the state.  Check out our list to see if your school is one of Idaho's top ten.

Idaho's Best Public High Schools

Idaho's top twenty-five high schools ranked from 25-1.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to educate kids effectively today.  Is it the teacher or the administrators responsible for a student's success?  Does more pay, attract better educators?  Well, for superintendents, it does pay to be in the education business.

A recent report from Idaho Education News outlines how much school superintendents make per year. You'd be correct if you guessed that they make well into the six figures. Who is the highest-paid school superintendent in Idaho?

A Pay Raise Not Discussed in Public

Idaho Education News did the leg work on a local superintendent who received a 20% from his local school board. The raise was not discussed in a public meeting. West Ada Superintendent of Schools will now receive a salary of $200,000 annually. His previous salary was $175,000. West Ada taxpayers are already under siege due to the district's constant growth.

One has to wonder how many folks would've approved the 20% raise for a superintendent that's relatively new to the job. Teachers in the system will receive a pay raise far from 20% to 6.28%. The governor and other elected officials have pledged to commit more school tax funding. However, the state continues to lose teachers because of low pay. Other states poach Idaho educators, offering a significantly more annual salary.

Here's a list of the top 5 highest paid superintendent's courtesy of Idaho Education News.


  • Scott Thomson, North Idaho Charter STEM Academy: $193,500
  • Coby Dennis, Boise: $183,604
  • Derek Bub, West Ada: $175,000
  • James Foudy, Blaine County: $168,000
  • Norma French, Caldwell: $166,771

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