We didn't have a Superbowl party yesterday, mostly because I didn't want to jinx the Bronco's.  Kody our youngest son and I have a game day ritual that we weren't about to break.  The ritual included "Rhodes Rolls" and  no kids at all, zip, zilch, nada. It also included Brenda not being allowed in the living room at all. Last time she was in the room when the Broncos were playing was Superbowl 48 and we know what happened in that one.

Since we didn't have anyone over, we didn't go overboard on the food. Before the game I made some home made guacamole, set it in the fridge and at halftime warmed up some taquitos I got on special at Albertsons and used coupons on. I had the taquitos for about three weeks and had saved them for the game. Yes I threatened anyone who dared to open them before the Superbowl would be living in the barn in the open stall.

After the game as I cleaned the kitchen I put 9 taquitos and some guacamole in the fridge for lunch today.  BTW, don't send your guacamole recipes, mine is killer.

I got to thinking, how many other people would take leftover Super Bowl food to work for lunch today. If we did things right, we could have one heck of a potluck today.

What did you bring for lunch.

Kevin Mee

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