How Long For Leftovers?
Having just celebrated the most wonderful holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, you've probably faced the same issue I have: How long can you safely eat your amazing food?
These Foods Are Lame Leftovers
I own it. I'm cheap. I like to get the most out of anything I buy, and food is no exception. Not to mention, often cooking for one, I'm bullish on leftovers. Except, not everything works.
Do Something Amazing With Thanksgiving Leftovers
One of the repercussions of creating a huge feast is having an enormous amount of leftovers.  You might be bound and determined to eat and eat until you're sick, but even then you and your family might have a little green bean casserole to spare.
So we don't feel totally guilty about o…
Superbowl Leftovers
We didn't have a Superbowl party yesterday, mostly because I didn't want to jinx the Bronco's.  Kody our youngest son and I have a game day ritual that we weren't about to break.  The ritual included "Rhodes Rolls" and  no kids at all, zip, zilch,…
Eating Healthy Stinks
We make a dish with ground beef, cheese and potatoes that we call GLOP.  It got that name because the kids when they were little decided that was the sound it made when it hit the plate.  We've never had leftover GLOP unless you manage to get some set aside right after it's made.…