We make a dish with ground beef, cheese and potatoes that we call GLOP.  It got that name because the kids when they were little decided that was the sound it made when it hit the plate.  We've never had leftover GLOP unless you manage to get some set aside right after it's made.  Ten pounds of potatoes a couple pounds of burger and some cheddar gets inhaled fast.

In efforts to eat just a little healthier, Brenda decided to exchange cauliflower for potatoes. It took a few moments to get past the difference, but it does taste really good. (Not quite as good as with Idaho grown spuds though). Considering the cauliflower blend is about 400 calories less then the spud blend, the trade is worth it.

So this morning I brought some leftover GLOP with cauliflower, put it in the microwave, set it for 3 minutes and left.  When I returned the kitchen smelled pretty much like our septic when I dug up the lid or imagine a toddler about 4 hours after lunch, yep pretty much the same. The smell was so bad people were barricading themselves in their studios. One person dropped to their knees, crossed themselves and I'm talking a complete "Spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch" and they are atheist. Dogs were lining up at the door, cats were clawing at the kitchen window wanting to bury it. Yes, It was that bad or good, depending on your goal.

I took it to the studio for a few and then set it on my desk. When I returned to the studio the stench was there, hanging, wafting over the room like the ultimate crop dusting. Brenda walked out for less than a minute then returned to the room, I had to use smelling salts on her after she passed out from the pungency.  Good thing I'm CPR certified.

It's absolutely the worst thing I've ever smelled when it's reheated. It was worse than broccoli, than fish, even worse than burnt popcorn, yes it's that bad. Good lord, why does eating healthy have to be so hard. Why couldn't the Cauliflower have smelled like sugar/vanilla cookies? It's a sad irony.

Well, only one thing left to do, I have another bowl of "STENCHGLOP," hey it needs its own name, ready to go and when the building is full, I'm gonna clear it. Those of you who work here have been warned to bring your gas masks. Anything short of a full canister mask probably won't work. Just saying.

Do you have any recipes that taste great but either look really bad or smell like, well cooked cauliflower. Let us know, so we can all avoid them together.

Kevin Mee