The grew up in Riggins, Idaho.  Think about that for a second.  Riggins, Idaho.  Not exactly the hotbed for D1 football players much less players that make it to the NFL.  Oh, and Leighton didn't just make it to the NFL.  The guy's a beast on America's team... yeah, the Dallas Cowboys who are having one of the best seasons ever over the past five years.  And a major part of that is Leighton's FANTASTIC rookie season.

It's not often that any rookie in the NFL has an impact on their team but Leighton has led the Dallas Cowboy's defense through a season that now has them placed at the top of the National Football League in defense.  More importantly, they're one of the few teams left battling for that coveted title of Superbowl Champions.

I can't even wrap my head around the fact that Leighton didn't even have a scholarship coming to the Boise State Broncos.  The guy was a walk-on.  A walk-on that now, has had one of the BEST rookie seasons in the NFL this year.  You hear Leighton's name on ESPN, radio shows, NFL highlights, and just about everywhere across this country as the Dallas Cowboys continue to win and shock the world.

Leighton knew he was going to be in the NFL.  He knew all the way back when he was playing 8 v 8 football in Riggins, Idaho.  He knew when he was at BSU and guess what?  He says he knows something else.  Something that people laugh at, they don't believe, they shake their head, but Leighton has been correct with every one of his predictions so far.  Leighton says Dallas is going to shock the world this year and win a Superbowl.  And how would Leighton have this insight?  This information?  This prediction if you will?

Leighton knows how important his teammates are.  How crucial it is for the offense to put points on the board.  How major it is to not have penalties or for special teams to not only NOT make mistakes but to also make some good things happen.  With that said, Leighton knows the strength of the Cowboys and that is DEFENSE.  He also knows that he's a vital part of that defense and Leighton credits BSU for the proper training, preparation, and knowledge to not only get him to the next level but to prepare him to succeed at the highest level of the next level.  Does that make sense?

I've never been much of a Cowboy fan but I am a major BSU fan and I'm a major Leighton Vander Esch fan.  So I'm rooting for you Leighton.  I can't wait to see you prove all these naysayers wrong.  Congratulations on an incredible rookie year.  Now go cap it off with some big-time hardware.  Good luck my friend.

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