To the women who are bold enough to put themselves out there on Match, Tinder or Bumble, we salute you.

I sincerely mean that.  On New Year's Eve my husband and I spent the night with another couple and two of my single girlfriends. Listening to the single ladies swap stories about the guys they've met through online dating sites made my husband and I look at each other and say "I'm so happy we didn't have to do this" simultaneously. If I had ever tried online dating, I think I would've failed miserably.  Most the men I dated, my husband included, were either in the same industry, classes or friend circle as me.  In other words we weren't complete strangers and shared similar interests before we even tried to date.  I don't think I could've ever worked up the courage to introduce myself to someone I've never met and open up enough to form a deep connection with them. Ladies who put yourself through that, I seriously admire your boldness and bravery!

That boldness and bravery may pay off for you this weekend. According to Bustle, this Sunday, January 6 is a day known as "Dating Sunday." Translation for those of use who need to live vicariously through our single friends, it's the single day that online dating sites see the most activity in the Treasure Valley.  Tinder attributes the surge in activity and matches on "Dating Sunday," the first Sunday after the New Year, to people acting on their resolutions to make new connections.

With the online dating pool being a little deeper this weekend, I wish you lots of luck and potentially a lot of love! Click HERE for some expert tips on freshening up your online dating profile for "Dating Sunday."

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