If you're a high school senior that's not ready yet or a college student who needs a break, Boise State is letting you hit pause and not skip a beat.

Boise State recognizes that the past year has been anything but routine, so it's giving students an opportunity to take a break if they need a break. High school seniors might need a little bit more time to figure out their next step, and some current students might need to take a year off, so the university is offering a new Gap Year program to help out.

According to BSU, the program lets you take some time to figure things out to "save money, focus your interests, and start/restart your college experience with a stronger sense of purpose."

You can still gain credit during the gap year, and you can do it from anywhere.  We love that you're in Boise, but if your family is in Seattle and you need to jet off to take care of things there, you can do it without missing anything in Boise.  Well, except for the Greenbelt, Boise Fry Company, and Guru Donuts, but at least you can take our mobile app and your degree pursuits with you.  Those things will travel.

There are three options to choose from under the Gap Year program, according to Boise State:

Option 1: When you pay your nonrefundable $50 deposit, you reserve your spot in the Bronco Gap Year program. As a next step, we connect you with an advisor so that you can start planning.
Option 2: If you are interested but still want to learn more, fill out our brief informational form and we’ll be in touch to answer your questions.
Option 3: Watch our program overview video to gain a better understanding of the program details.

The Youtube video posted by the school says you're not required to earn credits during the gap year, but if you'd like to, you can earn up to 9 elective credits during the program.  If life is in flux for you, this might be a good solution.

And, if you're about to graduate from Boise State, congrats!  Right now, the plan is to hold in-person commencement ceremonies at Albertsons Stadium the weekend of May 7th and 8th.  They'll have COVID protocols in place.



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