In this video, we see Ariella look at premature self for the first time. Brenda talks with Ariella about if she remembers being this tiny, and together they also look at premature diapers.

The staff at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital saved the lives of both Ariella and her mother.  During the twelve and a half weeks of hospitalization in the NICU following her birth, the hospital staff and volunteers from the Children’s Miracle Network provided love, security and many comforts during a very stressful and miraculous time.

The Randles family found comfort in random acts of kindness from Children's Miracle Network volunteers. They received gift baskets with a knitted hat, and knitted blankets for their little Ariella.

Now an active three year old, Ariella still uses her blankets when it is time for bed. To her the blankets are a sense of comfort, but to her parents they are a reminder of the wonderful people who helped them in their time of need.

The family was never able to meet the volunteers who specifically contributed to the gifts for their daughter, but they are taking the time today to speak with us about their experience and be a part of our Radioathon to show their gratitude.

So help make more miracles like Ariella happen by donating today. With your help, we can continue to save premature babies and their mothers.