When I renewed my drivers license on my 18th birthday, answering the clerk's question about becoming an organ donor was a no brainer.

Hands down the answer was yes.  I forget where I originally heard the statistic, it could've been watching George Clooney on ER or it could've been in a health class, but did you know that by being an organ donor, you have the opportunity to save up to 50 different lives?  I can't think of a more rewarding thing to do as my last act of kindness on this planet.

That said, I'll be honest...most of my knowledge about actual organ donors and the recipients of this life changing gift comes from medical dramas like ER, Grey's Anatomy and The Good Doctor. Those story lines usually involve a team of doctors fighting hard to get their patient an organ from the registry, something going wrong in the O.R. and the patient's transformation after they pull off the surgery.  We very rarely get to know the donor and what it's like for their family to say goodbye to their loved one knowing that in death their life was truly something to be celebrated.

Anita Kissee, who works as the Public Relations Manager for St. Luke's, took the Treasure Valley behind the scenes at St. Luke's Meridian as one family said goodbye to their loved one immediately after he'd been taken off life support and transported to the ICU for organ harvesting. When that difficult moment happens at a St. Luke's hospital, the patient is honored with a "Walk of Respect." Available staff at the hospital lines the halls to pay their respect to the patient who has chosen to give that life-saving gift.  The grieving family gave St. Luke's permission to film their walk and it was incredibly powerful.

If watching this video made you change your mind about becoming an organ donor and you'd like to sign up, you can do it now by clicking HERE or through any Treasure Valley DMV.

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