childrens miracle network

Free Ice Cream Today
Welcome to the first day of Spring. As the temperatures start to get warmer and our wardrobes change from long pants and hoodies to T-shirts and shorts, Spring in the City is one of the coolest times. Get ready for even more great news, today all Dairy Queen stores are offering a sweet treat to…
Thank You Miracle Workers!
A huge thank you goes out to everyone who donated during the Children's Miracle Network radiothon on Thursday and Friday. You are truly appreciated!
Our Staff Preemie
We are so proud of our preemie!  Joe E was born 8 weeks early back in 1966 and was only given a 48% chance of surviving.
Today is the FINAL DAY - Kevin & Brenda's 36 Hours for Kids to benefit St. Luke's Children's Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network.
St. Luke’s Saved Ariella
In this video, we see Ariella look at premature self for the first time. Brenda talks with Ariella about if she remembers being this tiny, and together they also look at premature diapers.
The staff at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital saved the lives of both Ariella and …
St. Luke’s School for Patients Needs Your Help
In a chaotic life of illness and hospital stays, children search for any opportunity to find a sense of normalcy. School is an important part of every child’s life, and hospitals across the nation are beginning to recognize this and implement academic programs to support their patien…
36 Hours For Kids
Lite FM and the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, benefiting St Luke's Children's Hospital, are asking you to help create miracles.