Yes, I have aracnophobia.  NO! I don't want to get over it.  I get asked a lot what it's like to work at 107.9 Lite FM.  Well, it's intense, non-stop and a little crazy and fun.  Today the "3 Stooges" decided it would be fun to pull a prank on me.

With Kevin leading the charge, Jeff our new Program Director and Monchai our Promotions Director, they got a huge laugh out of watching me flinch when Kevin thrust a very plastic, very fake looking spider in my direction.  Okay, I laughed too...after I inspected said spider and determined that it was indeed just a leftover Halloween trinket worth less than a penny.

I have decided to embrace and accept that my fear of spiders is just fine and that one day it may just save me from succumbing to a dreadful bite that could make one, or all of my limbs, rot and fall off or maybe even kill me.   So, if I'm a little cautious out in the garden or while rooting around in dark corners of the garage it's because my life saving spidey senses are on full alert.

At least I don't have pteronophonia, the  fear of being tickled by feathers, or arachibutyrophobia which is the fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.  I think the worst fear of all to have would be phobophobia, which is the fear of being afraid...wtf??  How does that one even work?

And besides modern guys whine all the time that we're too independent and we've stripped them of all their masculinity.  Thank goodness there's still spiders around to restore that whole hero thing they seek!  Each time my man gets to flatten one of those nasty suckers with his boot he gets to be my hero for that 30 second window in time between my "SPIDER" screech and the time it took for him to come galloping to my rescue.




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