Some parents will pass their engagement ring down to their children when they are ready to pop the question, while others choose not to.

One woman took to Reddit explaining she loves her engagement ring so much she doesn't want to part with it despite her son asking if he can have it for his wife-to-be.

She noted her 26-year-old Sam wanted to give the ring to his new fiancée Emily as a "family heirloom," but she shot down his request.

"Sam wanted my engagement ring to give to Emily. Sam said this would be a great way to keep him from starting his marriage in debt from having to buy a new expensive diamond ring," she wrote via Reddit. "Emily also added that she has liked the look of my ring a lot and would love for me to pass it down to her."

Although Sam asked for the ring, the mom wasn't ready to give it to him.

"I love my engagement ring. I have worn it every day since my husband proposed to me with it and to be honest, I still have plenty of years to live that I want to keep wearing it until I am old and gray," she continued. "Also, my ring is not a family heirloom. My husband chose and bought this ring for me many years ago. So, I told them that I appreciated them wanting my ring, but no, I wanted to keep it."

The mom added that she wanted to keep the ring for the time being and that when she's older, she would "be more than happy" to give it to Sam's and Emily's "future children."

Sam and Emily didn't take the mom's rejection well, with her son calling her "selfish and materialistic."

"He said that diamonds are a scam and asked how I could let him go into debt to buy a new ring. Emily was disappointed and said that she had hoped that my ring could become a family heirloom and it would be a token of accepting her into our family (I have always liked Emily and we got along great)," she shared. "They also said that I could keep my wedding band so it wasn't like they were leaving me without any rings to wear."

Jackie Tsang via Unsplash
Jackie Tsang via Unsplash

Users rallied behind the woman, dubbing the newly engaged couple as "self-absorbed" for demanding she give them her ring.

"If diamonds are a scam then why do they need one? This is ridiculous and hypocritical of them," one person wrote, while another commented: ''You know what is selfish? Demanding other people's property because you're too cheap to buy your own."

"Bad enough that Emily was there too, but Emily actually piping up to express her own disappointment?!?! This is gobsmacking. What’s next, they ask to be gifted OP’s house so they don’t 'start their marriage in debt?' While we’re at it, go ahead and throw in all your savings, you two are OLD and your life is basically over anyway! If I was OP I’d be seriously questioning where me and my husband went wrong in raising this self-absorbed AH [a--hole] and how he could possibly have turned out this way," another wrote."

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