When it comes to escaping the loud cities and fast paced lifestyle of Los Angeles or New York City-- where do the celebrities go? Somewhere exotic on a yacht overseas? Maybe. It's actually Idaho, that many of Hollywood's biggest stars have learned to retreat to and we really can't blame them.

This is just a sample of who you might see exploring our great state. 

10 Celebrities You're Most Likely to Encounter in Idaho

So who is it that can't stop posting from Idaho? It's THE FONZ!

Henry Winkler Loves Idaho:



    Over the years, this is what The Fonz has tweeted about Idaho--yes, he loves to come here to fish and get away from Hollywood. Could he be Idaho's newest resident soon? We would welcome him! Once again--now that the pandemic has passed--The Fonz is back to posting about the State of Idaho, this time, he's showing off his fish in Swan Falls!  

How cool is it that he is sharing our amazing state?


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