The gem state is perfect for road trips, and staycations. There is so much to see and explore from awe inspiring natural views to vast lakes and rivers, deep canyons, vast farmlands, strange and interesting museums and all the extra wow factor that Idaho shells out.

Arco Idaho is home to some great spots that are well worth a visit. Did you know that Arco was the first city in the world to be lit solely by nuclear electricity? According to Atlas Obscura, On July 17th, 1955 the Idaho National Laboratory (at the time it was called the National Reactor Testing Station) lit up the town for 60 minutes.

Arco's Devil Boat, Google map
Arco's Devil Boat, Google map

Arco has been connected to government and nuclear studies and partnerships for decades. Arco has a long association with the Navy and nuclear fleet. In 2000 Arco acquired The Devil Boat, or at least the sail of it. The “Submarine in the Desert” is the preserved sail of the submarine USS Hawkbill. The number 666 displayed on the sail was her hull number. The monument was placed in the roadside Idaho Science Center to honor Arco’s long association with the Navy. Travelers have nicknamed it the devil's boat.

Another interesting and cool sight to see in the area is the Arco Number Hill. How did those seemingly random numbers get up there? Only in Your State says, "Arco's wacky "Number Hill" is more of a roadside attraction than anything, but travelers through the area might wonder what the numbers mean and how they got there. Aliens? Long distance communication coordinates? Instead, local high schoolers have an annual tradition of painting their graduating class year on the rocks as a symbol of the memories formed there."

John M. via TripAdvisor
John M. via TripAdvisor


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