Long before Shore Lodge, this chalet-style inn was the resort to be at in McCall. Over the years, its beauty has faded. Will the new buyer save it and restore it to its former glory?

When we shared the news that McCall's iconic Pancake House was closing after 43 delicious years, Kasey posted on our Facebook page that she was still waiting for the popular breakfast destination's "Hallmark ending." She, like many others, hoped that there would be a big city person who came, fell in love with McCall and decided to save the Pancake House. Unfortunately, it's too late for the Pancake House.

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But this unique piece of McCall history could still get a happy ending! Restoring 1020 Miracle Heights in McCall would certainly be a labor of love. Many people have forgotten it's even there.

Once upon a time, it was an incredibly popular destination. When Northwest Passage was shot in McCall, many people from the cast and crew of the movie stayed there. The film starred Spencer Tracy, Robert Young, Walter Brennan and Ruth Hussey. The movie was nominated for the "Best Cinematography, Color" Oscar at the 1941 Academy Awards.

While we can't confirm the story first hand, Ruth Pynor, shared a story about an act of kindness Bing Crosby performed for a local priest when he stayed there in a Facebook group called "Idaho History 1800 to present."

We've checked in on the listing from time to time on Realtor.com to see if anyone had taken a chance on this property and discovered that someone DID purchase it in August 2022. We cross-referenced public records with LinkedIn pages and it appears that it may have been purchased by the co-owner of BGB Painting, a residential and commercial painting business in Gilbert, Arizona.

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