Surprise, surprise. Boise's landed itself on another "Top 10" list and it's one that accurately describes one of the biggest problems with living in the Treasure Valley. 

Every couple of weeks, we get to network with one of our co-workers living in Atlanta. When we talked to him last week, the very first thing he said was "I just read an article that Boise is the most overvalued housing market in the country. Is it really that bad where you guys are at?"

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The article he was talking about was published by Fortune and summed up a survey performed by two universities in Florida. The results found that people in Boise are paying an 80.64% premium based on historical pricing details.

Since this meeting was a Zoom call, we think he could clearly read the answer from the look on our faces. Yes. The real estate market in Boise really is that obnoxious and this ugly home, is a perfect example of the problem.

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It's the second cheapest single family home with a Boise zip code that's not 50+ minutes from Downtown. If you look at the value of this home, on the Ada Count Assessor's website, it's being sold for nearly 42% more than its worth in 2021.

It's not quite as dramatic as the 80% that the Fortune article described, but go ahead...take a look around the very few pictures from the listing and tell us that this asking price isn't absolutely criminal for the condition of the home.

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