With the Mountain West Conference postponing their college football season, Broncos fans all over the Treasure Valey will be looking for some new fall pastimes. After all, without something to do this college football season, many people will be fighting depression. I have put together a list of things that you can do instead.

Binge Watch 'Ballers'
The Rock had a pretty good college football career at the University of Miami, and 'Ballers' is a pretty good show about the behind the scenes life of pro-football. I don't know how realistic it is, but it's really entertaining!

Get Those Projects Done Around The House
Many times, our football fandom puts those projects that our wives have on the back burner for us. It's amazing how many excuses we can come up with when it's football that we want. We should be taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, the garage, shoveling snow, or painting the nursery.

Get Some Sleep
It's no secret that Boise State games typically start at 8:30 and don't end until around midnight. Now there are no excuses for missing church on Sunday morning, and your health will get better from the increase in sleep.

If you need some guy-time, because you usually watch the game with your friends, maybe take up volunteering at one of Boise's great non-profits.


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