When I was a little girl there was nothing more I wanted than a cat. Somehow my parents managed to keeping coming up with excuses as to why I couldn't have one clear until I left for college.

Their compromise with me? We could go to Toys R Us and get a Workin' Out Barbie that came with an offer to send in the proof of purchase and $2 in exchange for a Barbie Virtual Kitty Giga Pet.  The Giga Pet experience didn't start out well, but I eventually managed to keep my kitty "Sud" alive for 224 days before the batteries died as my parents babysat him while I was in the shower.  I was crushed that he was gone forever and quickly lost interest in raising another virtual kitty. At that point we reached another compromise. I could get a real pet, but it couldn't be furry or high maintenance...so I got a box turtle.  (Even though I really wanted a cat.)

Flash forward to my second year in Boise and one of my co-workers, who we nicknamed "the pet peddler," called to inform me he'd gotten me a gift because he knew I still didn't know a lot of people, hated coming home to an empty apartment and always wanted a cat.  The gift? My cat Dakota when he was just eight weeks old. FINALLY, my dream of being a cat mom came true and nearly eight years later it's still the best thing ever!

Have you always wanted a cat? Are you running out of excuses to say "no" to your kids when they ask for a kitten? Well, then it's time to pull the trigger because Simply Cats is hosting a "Name Your Price" adoption event through Saturday, August 31.  Simply come to the shelter, pick out the kitten or cat of your choice and pay what you want to adopt them. (There is a $10 minimum.)

Come on...how can you say no to these cuties?!

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