It's the end of college football as we know it. According to multiple credible reports, USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac 12 to join the Big 10. The previous sentence was not a misprint; two of the most famous West Coast schools are joining a football conference based in the midwest. If the Big 10 approves the addition of USC and UCLA, it will be the first conference that can claim a national footprint. The conference's footprint will stretch from New Jersey to California.  

Rumor or Reality?

College football experts are already weighing on this historic move in conference realignment.  Last years, the college football world was shocked when Texas and Oklahoma announced that they would be leaving the Big 12 to move to the SEC.

The Big 10, ACC, and Pac 12 had pledged an 'alliance' against the SEC due to the belief that the SEC had gained to much power.  It now appears that alliance is over.  Could the Pac 12 survive without its two franchise schools?

Could Washington and Oregon Follow?

It's hard to fathom the Pac 12 surviving without USC and UCLA.  Do those schools have the same appeal as the two California schools to the Big 10?  Others will wonder what's next?  ESPN/SEC's Paul Finebaum just told his audience that this is not the end of expansion.  Pat Forde, tells Finebaum that the ACC will work to keep their schools particularly Clemson.

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