Tax Season has come and gone for most Americans-- unless you're late, filed for an extension, or dealing with a pesky audit. Then again, as we all see hundred of dollars for taxes coming out of our paychecks every month--maybe "tax season" never really is over.

Regardless, where is there to be said about all of the scams around taxes? 

The Best Ways Idahoans Can Protect Themselves from Tax Scammers

Tax season is about to wrap up and it's an opportune time for scammers to take advantage. Here's how you can protect yourself with tips from Meridan Police Department and red flags to watch out for from the IRS.

Sure, some of these scams may seem obvious to most-- but what if one of the biggest acts of "deceit" came from a familiar name: TurboTax. 

How often have you met someone that says they don't use a "tax person" because they have TurboTax!? It seems that a majority of Americans rely on the popular software to file their taxes each year.

'Free, Free, Free"...right?

Well, not really.

TurboTax will pay $141 million in restitution to MILLIONS of Americans who, according to the class-action lawsuit, were charged "unfairly".  All fifty states were involved in this lawsuit and signed off on the claims. Since this is only a settlement, no "guilt" was found and Intuit, the parent company of TurboTax denies any fault.

All 50 states say that the "free, free, free" advertising campaign was wrong because millions of Americans were promised free tax preparation--then asked to pay at the end. This impacts nearly 4.4 million consumers that used the Free Edition of TurboTax from 2016 though 2018.

Feel this is something you should be seeing a check for? It looks like everyone who this effects will be receiving about a $30 check and should be on the lookout via their mail for more information--as the lawsuit has impacted user information.

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