Does your significant other own something that drives you absolutely insane?! For me, it's this pair of socks and they infuriate me. This is almost as bad as #TheDress.

I'm not sure when hubby bought these socks, but I went as long as I could before finally speaking up about them.  It's no secret that I'm the active one in our marriage.  I work hard at work, but play harder.  There's rarely a day that I'm not at a spin class or out running somewhere.  If I came home with a pair of brown socks, it wouldn't shock any one.  With the few weeks of wet weather we had a lot of the foothills trails are still soggy.  It's easy to turn a corner and lose your shoe in a mud puddle.  If that stuff seeps down all the way to your white socks, good luck getting them completely clean again without using bleach.

But for hubby to have socks that were permanently muddy? He doesn't do anything outside at all! It just didn't make after weeks I had to ask him what happened to these socks.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare MEdia
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

He insists they're supposed to look like this, but I don't believe him! What say you? White and grey/permanently stained or brown/darker brown.

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