The latest drone's eye view of Boise State is incredible. The 8k video was filmed in late spring of this year, and you can see glimpses of the river, foothills, and the City of Boise too.

The Boise State campus at the time was as lush and green as it's ever been, except for the blue field of course.  Boise State posted the drone-captured video on Youtube to show the campus to prospective students, but it gives us all a chance to appreciate Boise from a whole new angle.

This was shot before we had the endless streak of 100-degree days so there are no torturous sunburns happening in this video and no dogs digging for shade.  It's just pretty, and it makes me want to tip the lawncare people.  The edging near the sidewalks is a sight to behold, seriously!  There are ducks hanging out by the river, the Boise skyline is impressive, and apparently, we were all at home that day because there was very little traffic around town, or at least on the roads that border Boise State.

The video was shot via drone on Saturday, May 29th, 2021 with no students on campus.

Shot and edited by: Moataz Sheha

Moataz Sheha does lots of campus tours, and from the looks of the profile picture that's inset into this screenshot, his drone is high-tech, but not huge, so no one likely noticed it the day it was flying around capturing the video.

I looked back at my calendar to see what I might have been doing on May 29th, and the only thing listed was a mani-pedi. Whoops!  I ended up with great turquoise toes and had a great calf massage, but I missed the action outside.

Surely you were out enjoying the weather at some point that day, and if not, we can always flashback with this video.  And appreciate the blue turf.

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