For years, the company’s name was synonymous with purchasing reliable appliances. This announcement means the end of an era in the Treasure Valley. 

While Sears Hometown Stores were spun off by Sears Holdings in 2012, the store’s name still stirs up memories of tearing into the Sears “Wishbook” when it showed up on your stoop in August or September. For months, you’d flip through it and circle all the things you hoped Santa would bring you for Christmas. It’s a memory totally lost on Gen Z, which has never known a day where they couldn’t log onto Amazon to add things to a wishlist with just one click. 

But Sears Hometown Stores did separate from Sears Holdings and that’s why hundreds of them lived on after the department store chain filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in 2018. That move led to the permanent closure of the Sears department store at Boise Towne Square Mall in 2019. 

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Unfortunately, Sears Hometown Stores Inc. has found themselves in the same position. The company filed for bankruptcy protection on December 12 and will close 115 stores in 36 states, including Idaho. Eight days later, the owners of the Sears Hometown Store in Mountain Home announced on social media that the decision means their store will be closing after 25 years. An official closing date hasn’t been determined, but the Facebook posts explains the liquidation process will last around six weeks.

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Co-owners John Mickel and Lorraine Guptill thanked customers for their loyalty and assured the community that they’ll be fine after the store closes. Admitting that it will be a bit strange to not run a business seven days a week, they’re looking forward to finally unpacking the boxes at their new home after not having time to do so. They reiterated it was Sears Hometown Stores Inc. that filed for bankruptcy, not the family that owned and operated the store.

The liquidation announcement on their website reads: 

“All Sears Hometown Stores from Coast-to-Coast Will Be Shutting Their Doors! Store Closing Liquidation! In-Store Only. Save up to 40% Off Original Ticketed Price. Selling Off to the Bare Walls! Every Item in Every Store Must Go Now! Hurry! Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment for Sale! See Store for Details.” 

There’s also a Sears Hometown store in Burley. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since July, but their website is also redirecting to the liquidation sale page and a press release says that two Idaho locations are closing. 

Nampa used to have a Sears Hometown Store, too. It opened in 2020 but closed for good in March 2022.

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