Some obscure little holidays can be overlooked, but not this one.  We wouldn't dare.

Friday is National Donut Day (it's always the first Friday in June), and some Boise donut shops will be passing out freebies.

Guru Donuts says they'll give you a free old fashioned donut with any purchase on Friday.

Krispy Kreme says they'll offer one donut free on Friday too, and that applies whether the HOT sign is on or not.  Plan your attack.

Check with your favorite grocery store deli too, because we're hearing about some freebies there on Friday.

How this sweet little holiday came to be is admirable, and we're still reaping the benefits.  Time Magazine says, Donut Day was "first celebrated during the Great Depression, as a way for the Salvation Army to raise money and awareness for its social services, which among other things provided donuts and coffee to American soldiers during World War I."

So we're honoring the troops, and enjoying a moment of pure donut-induced bliss.  It's a win-win.  So....donuts for the office on Friday.  Again!

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