With event after event being canceled due to COVID-19, your summer calendar is starting to look a little sparse. Why not fill it up with some Idaho adventures you can enjoy on your own terms? 

When I shared the news that some American airlines are starting to ban in-flight alcohol sales on their domestic flights with my husband his response was "No. Don't like it. I'm going to drive everywhere from now on." With the giant zits wearing a mask is giving me, I'm with him. While I understand the importance of wearing one, if given the choice between flying and having to wear one for a few hours or sitting in a car with my husband and not having to wear one because we're in each other's space all the time...I'm choosing being in the car for a few hours.

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The question is where are we driving to? That's something we're trying to map out and he didn't totally hate my suggestion to do some kayaking or paddleboarding on one of these gorgeous Blue Lakes that you can find just a few hours away from Boise! Honestly, when you look at some of the photos of them on Instagram, you'd have no idea that these photos were taken in Boise. The water is so clear and so blue that it looks like they were taken in some sort of out cove in the Hawaiian islands.

With a little help from Visit Southern Idaho, these are the five we're considering making the adventure to this summer! There are more than three, so if you want to put them all on your summer bucket list, go for it!

Box Canyon | Distance from Boise: about 1 hr 45 min | More Info

Blue Heart Springs | Distance from Boise: about 1 hr 45 minutes | More Info

Ritter Island State Park | Distance from Boise: about 1 hr 45 minutes | More Info

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