The Treasure Valley is home to so many different types of restaurants, which foodies everywhere absolutely love. 

And it seems like our culinary scene is something that only continues to grow more with each passing day, especially as more people migrate to Idaho. 



Now, we know that many locals are bitter about new people coming to the Gem State... and trust us, we totally understand where you’re coming from.

However, one of the beautiful things about newcomers is that they offer new perspectives and insights into things that we may have never seen or experienced before.

Such as these six restaurants! 


Many residents have recently expressed their earnest desire to see these places come to Boise at some point...

And we’ve got to say, after looking at these photos, we’re totally on board with this as well.

These restaurants look phenomenal.

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Locals have recently expressed their desire to see these restaurants come to the Treasure Valley... and after seeing these photos, we'd have to agree.

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