Do you ever stack the plates when you're done eating at a Boise restaurant?  We might think we're being helpful, but servers want us to knock it off.  And what else should we quit doing?  

If we stacked the plates correctly, servers might appreciate the help, but we don't always clean off all of the food before stacking, and we don't always pile them up from largest to smallest.  And that just makes life harder for servers.  So don't stack the plates.

Another pet peeve of servers, according to The Daily Meal, is stacking glasses.  Sometimes the smaller glass will get stuck inside the larger ones and servers have been known to break a glass trying to free them up.  That's dangerous.  And they hate it when we stuff napkins inside of the glasses too because it's gross when they have to fish them out.

Order quickly.  One of my family members is the worst at this.  She always tells the server to start at the other end of the table when it's time to take the order because she wants more time to decide, and when it's finally her turn she asks a million questions and has trouble making up her mind about what she wants.  And then she always ends up getting quesadillas.  They have online menus to help with the prep process and servers would love it if we would use 'em.

Speak up!  When servers come around and ask how we're doing and everyone at the table is silent waiting on someone else to answer, it bugs the server because he or she has to stand there until the all-clear comes that everyone is doing fine.  Sometimes our mouths are full, but they'll wait until we swallow.  Just say "great!" and get back to chewing.

Know the polite way to get the server's attention.  Snaps, whistles, and "hey yous" are not the best way to get a server's attention.  The proper way to get attention is to make eye contact and give a quick wave, and that will bring the server right over in a good mood.

Servers would also like us to tip with money, and not with notes, motivational sayings, or leftover fortunes from fortune cookies.  They are working for actual pay and not bulletin board material.

Servers, I'm sure you have plenty to add!  I know you want us to pick up after our kids too because it's not your job to clean up broken crayons and half-eaten Saltines.  Duly noted.

We have some awesome restaurants in the Treasure Valley and if we keep the servers happy it will keep us all happy.  Thanks for putting up with us.  And if you don't memorize our entire table's order it's just fine.  We don't care if you have to write it down.  See you tonight.

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