The competition is coming up next spring for college students, and now is the time to register your business idea to win your share of $100,000 in startup money.

The Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge happens March 27th and 28th, 2019 with the help of Boise State's College of Innovation and Design.  It's open to college students of all ages in Idaho.

Last time around, top finishers each took home $12,000 to help with startup costs, and the runners-up were awarded $5000 each. The honorable mentions each got $1000 to get their ideas off the ground.

Boise State outlined the 2018 winners, and we'll highlight a few to inspire your next big idea and give you an idea of what organizers might be looking for this year too.

In the Agriculture category, RutOn was awarded $12,000 for its Redesigned Pivot Tire, designed to "eliminate ruts caused by traditional pivot wheels used by farmers across America."

Lumineye earned $12,000 to make "wall-penetrating radar sensors to help soldiers and first responders identify people and threats through walls."  Lumineye topped the Technology, Consumer Product or Service category.


And in the Health and Healthy Living category, ReBox was a winner of $12,000 for "a plyometric box with a lid that doubles as a balance board and has hooks on the sides to attach resistance bands for stretching."

Think everything has already been invented?  Nope!

Pre-registration is open now for next spring's challenge, and it only takes three minutes.  It will ask how far along your idea is and whether you have a team formed to make it happen.  There is also space to ask for help forming a team and with the logo, pitching, and office space.

This could be the start of a really successful career.  Good luck!

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