The past year may have been the best year ever for pets, with their people having more time at home.  But there are still plenty at Treasure Valley shelters that may have some serious doggie anxiety waiting to be rescued.

Dog adoptions were way up in 2020, and USA Today said that turned into some strange side effects too.  Sales of doggie diapers and pet training pads spiked as families adjusted to having a new pet at home.  If you're looking for a side hustle, now might be a good time to launch your, um, pet waste scooping business.  That aside, Boise area rescue groups have dozens of more dogs waiting to find their families.

The Idaho Humane Society is open Tuesday through Sunday at 1300 S Bird Street in Boise, and they haven't missed a beat in the past year.  Some shelters around the country had to shut down during the pandemic or move to online-only applications, but the Humane Society here has been fortunate to keep its doors open.

At last check, the Idaho Humane Society had a terrier mix named Titan Lee, Bailey the Australian Cattle Dog mix, and Harley the lab retriever poodle mix.  AND, lots of cats and even some bunnies!  Easter is coming up, and you that would be the biggest surprise in the kids' Easter basket.  The Humane Society offers a detailed description for each pet so you'll get a good idea about how it will fit in with your family before you adopt.

We adopted Libby when she was one year old, and she had already learned the art of potty training before she moved in with us.  And she was spayed, and the immunizations were up to date.  Adopting a dog that's not a puppy has its advantages.  But she did come with some anxiety issues too, and I've always wondered where those stem from.  A rescue group received her when she was a puppy, and she lived with a foster family before she came to live with us.  But there may be history before she was rescued that we will never know about.

Meridian Canine Rescue is another great option for dog adoption, and they refresh the adoptable dog page every two hours so you won't miss your match.

Rescue dogs always seem extra loyal and grateful, like they know you saved them.  And adopting on St. Patrick's Day would truly make it the dog's lucky day.

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