In May, Trinity Health had a security data breach. Trinity owns Saint Alphonsus along with other hospitals around the US. They were not sure at first how much data was compromised and how deep the hackers were able to go. It is now coming out that Saint Alphonsus patients were among the breached info.

While the hackers did not gain access to financial information, credit card numbers, bank accounts, or social security numbers they got just about everything else. Including full name, address, phone numbers, email, most recent donation date, date of birth, age, inpatient/outpatient status, dates of service, hospital location, patient room number, and physician information from 2000 to 2020.

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"We deeply regret that this incident occurred and apologize for any concern or inconvenience you may experience from this notification," Trinity Health wrote.

According to Trinity Health a third-party fundraising service provider Blackbaud is how the breach through. This was a MASSIVE ransomware attack also affected 25,000 other educational institutions and charities globally. Trinity Health is doing an investigation and patients that were effected will see mail notifications this week.

If you are someone who's personal information was stolen keep a closer eye than normal out for any fraudulent emails or texts that appear to be coming from your hospital system as they may be sending malicious links but disguising it as a hospital email. There is really not much else to do.

Any Idahoans who are informed that their data has been compromised can reach out to a representative at Saint Alphonsus at 208-367-2759 for more information.

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