According to data obtained and shared by Idaho Way, the "tiny" town of Ontario, Oregon has surpassed $100 million in marijuana sales for the year of 2021. That is a LOT of money that otherwise, Ontario, Oregon would probably never come close to seeing.

Figures this large leave many just minutes away in Idaho asking, what could the Gem State do with a check the size of Ontario's--that one, "tiny town".

We dove into the needs of Idaho and came up with these FIVE ideas that really, are only the tip of the ice burg on funding...

These 5 Things Could be Funded by Idaho with 100 Million Dollars

While Idaho remains anti-marijuana, a small city just to the West of the Treasure Valley is home to a $100 million added income because of the forbidden plant. While we aren't advocating for marijuana use, more and more states are legalizing the usage of this organic plant and local governments are making a LOT of revenue that otherwise, they would never see. What could Idaho do with some additional funds? Well, here are some ideas.

Did we miss any suggestions? Could Idaho's refusal to legalize be why folks are moving away? 

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