Spring has certainly arrive in the Treasure Valley over the last couple weeks (with amazing weather and everything seemingly in bloom).  That's not quite the case in the mountains though.  

My parents were in town this weekend, so we took a little trip up to McCall.  It was absolutely beautiful, but it's in that strange half winter/half summer feeling at the Payette Lake.  With temperatures in the low 70's and snow still on the ground on the shore, it creates some beautiful pictures.

McCall - Connell 2

We had a great time looking around town and enjoying the views.  We even stopped by Tamarack which has closed down skiing for the season, but isn't quite done with the snow either.

It's a great reminder how fortunate we are to have the amazing beauty and geographic diversity all within the range of a quick road trip.  Idaho really is one of a kind that way.


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