I'm not sure why, but I have never liked the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing.  Maybe it's a fear of commitment?  I would rather just set a goal. 

I know, maybe it's just another way of saying the same thing, but to me the "R" word brings added pressure and baggage.  I did make a "goal" for the year though.  As simple and small as this sounds, my goal is to make my bed every morning.

I actually started this a few months ago and have done a pretty good job (I'd give me a B-) keeping up on it.  Last year was full of personal growth and a reboot of sorts, and one thing I kept seeing "experts" say helped you stay organized and find order was...to make your bed.

I've heard the cliche statements like "messy bed, messy head," but there really does seem to be something to starting the day making my bed that helps.  Maybe it's that I start with something getting put in order, maybe it's that I can't crawl back in without messing it up, but I have committed to "wake and make."

Jeff - Kid's Bed

I'm even attempting to spread the "opportunity" to the kiddo.

What's your simple "goal" or "resolution" this year?

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