This Sunday's playoff game between New England and Denver is shaping up to be a problem for New England.  Not only are they facing having to fly out of Boston early, but they face the mile high altitude, which does create problems no matter how conditioned you are. Then the New York Post broke the story of the NFL conspiracy.

Here's the way the story is working out.  Tom Brady got his "DeflateGate" case postponed until Feb. by a New England Judge.  So Tom gets to play the entire NFL season not having to answer to tampering with game balls.  This didn't set well with NFL's big guy, Roger Goodell and word is Roger doesn't want Tom playing on the NFL's biggest stage, the Super Duper Game.

So, Roger went through the NFL Referee's list and found one that the Patriots hate, Ed Hochuli. The Bronco's Payton Manning is undefeated in games refereed by Ed Hochuli while the Patriots are 3 and 4 since 2010.  New England fans are crying foul, which is ironic, since the Patriots are known for bending the rules and in some cases breaking them to win.

Ed Hochuli is known for his biceps.  Ed was born on Christmas day 1950, is 6'2" and has 18" biceps.  Ed Hochuli's Wikipedia page. Ed's bicep's even have their own Facebook pages, yes I said pages. Type into Facebook "Ed Hochuoli's Guns" and "Ed Hochuli's Biceps," you'll find two pages that poke fun at the armed referee.

Would I like to see New England lose? No, I want to see them crushed, destroyed, sent packing back to Boston with their tails not only tucked between their legs, but tagged "LOSER" on them.  There is too much history between New England fans and Denver fans for this to be anything but personal and I'm not even playing.

Thank you Roger Goodell for doing what ever you could, legally, above board, honorably to make sure the game is fair, something New England still has yet to prove they know how to do.  Now send this one back to all your friends in Boston!

Kevin Mee





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