Well, I'm offended.

SafeHome.org, a website that compares home and personal security products, decided to search out which sates in the nation were the smartest.  To compile their rankings, they examined the percentage of adults 25 and older with a bachelor's degree and those with a graduate or professional degree, high school graduation rates, SAT scores and how many SAT takers met college and career readiness benchmarks, ACT scores and the percentage meeting subject-matter benchmarks.

When all was said and done, Idaho had a composite score of 79.5 ranking us as the 51st Smartest State in the country. Now, people reading this survey may think that Idahoans are too dumb to realize this, but there are only 50 states. In the case of this study, they included Washington DC as a state...and we still ranked dead last. We're supposedly the dumbest state in the country, a full 18 points behind Oklahoma who ranked #50 on the list.

New Jersey ranked #1 on the list with a composite score of 337.8.

So what went so wrong for us? Here's how we scored in some of the crucial categories:

  • Adults with a bachelor's degrees: 18.2% (West Virginia was last at 12.2%)
  • High School Graduation Rate (Class of 2017): 80% (Eight states ranked worse)
  • Median SAT Score: 993 (The average score is around 1060, four states ranked worse)
  • Average ACT takers meeting subject benchmarks: 57%

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