Have you noticed some suspicious activity on your Disney+ account during your first week of binge watching Boys Meets World? 

By suspicious activity, I don't mean seeing some totally "not you" types of suggestions populating the "Recommended for You" section because of something your hubby or kids watched after you went to sleep. I mean suspicious activity like someone accessed your account, changed the e-mail address and password for it therefore locking you out of your own account. The one thing they didn't change (because these are less than moral humans)? Your payment information. They want to enjoy a free ride on you as long as they can.

So how does a company as big and powerful as Disney expose the data of thousands of their new Disney+ users within a matter of days? Well, they didn't. Hackers had your information before you even signed up for the new streaming service...and it's sort of your fault.

According to CNBC, the Disney+ "hack" seems to be another "credential stuffing" incident. Many of us are guilty of using the same e-mail/username-password combination for log-in on multiple platforms. Hackers aren't dummies. They know that so when they get their hands on log-in information from previous hacks, they're running it through an automated system that tests that combination on a specific site or service...like Disney+.

If the combination worked, some hackers decided to give away the log-ins for free on hacking forums. Others tried to profit off them by charging $3-11 per account on the dark web. So that's how your brand new account information ended up in the hands of hackers so quickly.

If it happened to you, what should you do next? Contact Disney+ customer service so they can help you get back in. Once you do, be smart and choose a totally unique password that you haven't used on another account.

Hopefully this didn't happen to you, but if it did, we hope that you learned a valuable lesson and start creating unique usernames and passwords as you sign-up for new accounts.

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