If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner next week you'll want friends and family to feel welcome of course, but there are several reasons why they won't, and they'll be looking to duck out early.  Uh oh.

SleepZoo.com is a website that helps people improve their sleep so they surveyed people and asked about holiday plans and whether they're looking forward to spending a night or two with relatives. Eight in ten people said they'll see family during the holidays, but only 55 percent said they’re actually looking forward to it.

Here are some of the reasons that people would rather stay at a hotel or Airbnb than with a relative at Thanksgiving, according to SleepZoo.com.

• 45 percent anticipate drama and arguments

• 20 percent want to avoid an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement like the couch or the floor.

• 18 percent said there will be too many people in a small space and they'll be cramped.

• 15 percent want to be able to watch TV on their own and relatives like different shows.

• 12 percent don’t like the food.

• 10 percent said they won’t be able to stroll around in their underwear or in the nude if they spend the night with family.

Some of those things aren't necessarily within the host's control, and there might be a small compromise that's needed on the part of the guest.  Like record your TV shows at home, and wait another day or two to walk around in your skivvies.

As a host, does it hurt your feelings if your guests spring for a hotel?  It's a slippery slope because we want guests to be comfortable and have a blast so we don't feel like we failed as hosts, but at the same time if a guest wants to stay elsewhere it sure does free us up from more hosting.  If the guests are out of the house by Thanksgiving night, we can get a restful night's sleep and not worry about breakfast in the morning.

Overall, 65 percent of people in the Treasure Valley don't want to stay at a relative's house this Thanksgiving, according to the survey.  But it's free, and if we can endure sleeping on the floor, a little family drama, and Uncle Ned walking around in his undies, we sure will have a lot more money left over for holiday shopping.


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