If you're traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, patience will be the name of the game. After an extremely mild November, our first winter storm of the season is shaping up to make your plans just a little more interesting. 

A great deal of you consider Kody Wilson who runs the Treasure Valley Weather HQ Facebook page the most accurate forecaster in the Treasure Valley. On Wednesday, Kody explained on his page that he has complied enough models to feel comfortable telling his followers to prepare for winter weather over the Thanksgiving holiday.

His models indicate that a fairly strong cold front will move into our area on Sunday, setting up below normal temperatures for this time of the year. There could be some moisture associated with the front, but he doesn't have any sure fire models that indicate exactly how much precipitation will come with it or exactly where it will fall. We could see a mix of rain and snow on Sunday afternoon and snow by Monday. The bulk of the storm is expected to hit the west Tuesday through Thanksgiving Day. We could see highs in the 20s for Black Friday shopping.

Kody, predicts that enough snow is going to fall to make the travel forecast a "nightmare." There's a lot of snow on the way, but exactly where it's going to dump in our region is still up in the air. He plans to update travelers with as much accuracy as he can in a timely manner to help adjust travel plans. If you're not following his page, check it out HERE. If you want to see any new updates from him as soon as you log on to Facebook, pick the drop down menu under the following tab and click "see first." That will make his new updates appear at the very top of your newsfeed.

By the way, Kody has a 4.9 rating based on over 200 people's opinions on Facebook so he's got a great track record since beginning Treasure Valley Weather HQ.

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