I absolutely love the reality show "Alone." We've been watching it since it started back in 2015, and the new season is underway on the History Channel.

If you're not familiar with the show "Alone," I give you a quick rundown. Ten survivalists  are dropped off at a pre-determined location chosen by the show's producers. The locations are remote, and each contestant is separated by miles of rugged wilderness. Each survivalist is allowed to bring 10 items with them, and whoever makes it the longest without radioing for rescue, wins $500,000.

The new season's trailer is up on YouTube for you to get a peek. Season eight takes place at Chilko Lake, British Columbia, in a region known as Grizzly Mountain. I will tell you, one person has already tapped out in the season premiere, which began Thursday.

You can read up on this season's cast on the History Channel website that features the program. One of the survivalists on this season is a man from Kendrick, Idaho, which is located 420 miles northwest of Twin Falls. His name is Clay, and from what I've seen so far, he looks like a top contender for the half-million dollar prize.

Each survivalist, which is made up of both men and women, has to spend the longest they can out in complete isolation, armed with only their 10 chosen supplies and a couple cameras to film themselves. Aside from getting one health checkup by the series' medical team, they have no interaction with the outside world at all. If a contestant can't make it any longer--whether it be from hunger, injuries or something else--they can radio for transport and are eliminated from competition.

If you haven't watched the show yet, you are missing out. It's my second favorite series to watch behind Yellowstone.

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