Ghost town no more! Tamarack's owners are ready to tear down the Tyvek wrap and disassemble the chain link fences surrounding Village Plaza for almost a decade. 

When we walked into the Lodge at Osprey Meadows to check-in to our condo for Winter Carnival, I could immediately smell the impact Tamarack's new owners have had on the resort since we stayed there this summer.  The delicious smell was wafting out of Fern & Feather, an upscale restaurant that's moved into the space formerly occupied by Morels Restaurant.  To the best of my knowledge, Morels has been closed since 2014 (the last time their Facebook page was updated) so we took this as a sign that the ball is rolling at Tamarack!

And we were right! Tamarack's new owners sent a detailed e-mail to it's mailing list laying out the plans for the resort and the Tam Fam that's kept it operational through difficult times. If you make your way to the resort this spring expect to see crews hard at work finishing Village Plaza.  They'll put the finishing touches on exterior of the Tyvek wrapped buildings and make over 50 new condominiums available to guests.  Crews will also finish the first phase of retail, dining and guests service spaces allowing existing Tamarack favorites like Seven Devil's Pub to move out of yurt-like buildings and into a permanent space.

Come fall, they'll install a new high-speed 4-person chairlift providing access to hundreds of acres of intermediate and expert trails and gladed tree skiing.  The Wildwood trails haven't been accessed by lift since 2009 and the Tam Fam is hard at work re-establishing all of them as well as some previously un-skiable terrain!

We've LOVED our visits to Tamarack even in it's half finished state.  With Imperium Blue and Tamarack Resort Holdings Company taking the reigns, we can't wait to see the finish project!

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