When you have symptoms you can't explain, what's the absolute worst thing you can do?

If you said "Google it," you'd be correct.  We're all guilty of it.  Heck, a few months ago when I was incorrectly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease I scoured the internet for days trying to lean more about it.  I'd convinced myself that my weight was going to explode, I'd become exercise intolerant and have to give up all my favorite foods. The internet became a very scary place for me.

According to KREM, when Crystal Bertolucci started experiencing symptoms similar to those suffering from dementia and autoimmune conditions she did the responsible thing and went to see a doctor. Bertolucci was no stranger to medical offices.  She spent quite a bit of time there after being injured in a head-on accident with a drunk driver a decade ago.

After the accident, doctors gave her titanium implants all over her body to reconstruct the parts of her skull and other bones by the impact.  She went through rehab and was living a normal life until the strange symptoms showed up about a year ago. Bertolucci struck out with every doctor she went to see.  None of them could find a reason why she was experiencing the things her body was doing.

A friend suggested that she watch a Netflix documentary called "The Bleeding Edge" that follows patients experiencing negative side effects after receiving a medical implant and addresses the business side of why certain devices known to be unsafe end up in people's bodies. While reviewing the film, both she and friend noticed her similar her symptoms were to one man who contracted metal poisoning after a hip replacement.

Going with her gut feeling, she told her doctors that she believed she may have metal poisoning from her implants.  Sure enough, she tested positive. Now Bertolucci doctors are putting together a treatment plan to help detox her body and get her feeling back to normal again...

...and it's all because of a Netflix documentary! That might be one reason to keep your account even with the impending price hike.

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