It's no secret that Idaho LOVES a good Netflix binge.

According to, the Netflix show that Idahoans couldn't get enough of in 2018 was "Stranger Things."  We're sure there's be a lot of you taking down the entire third season when it comes out over the 4th of July holiday...that is, if you decided to keep your Netflix account after they hike the prices again.

Netflix announced that they'll be raising streaming rates for the fourth time since the company started offering streaming content in addition to their DVD sales/rental model they were founded on.  If you're a new Netflix subscriber, the price hike will affect you immediately. If you're an existing subscriber, you'll see the increase sometime in the next three months.

2019 Netflix Price Hike

  • Basic: Stream shows/movies on one device at a time in standard definition.  Currently: $8 New Rate: $9
  • Standard: Stream shows/movies on two devices at a time in HD. Currently: $11 New Rate: $13
  • Premium: Stream shows/movies on four devices at a time in HD or UHD. Currently: $14 New Rate: $16

The Associated Press explains the price hike comes primarily to fund Netflix's growing portfolio of original shows and movies (they will debut 38 new movies or series this month alone.) It should also help with the debt they took on trying to fend off competitors.

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