When it comes to the number of bigfoot sightings per capita, Idaho ranks pretty high on the list. If you're one of the true believers that not only does Bigfoot exist, he's likely lurking around the Idaho wilderness, this is an event you'll want to pencil in on your calendar. 

After being postponed twice due to the pandemic, the Treasure Valley's first ever Bigfoot Convention is less than two months away! Squatch Con Idaho, a bigfoot themed gathering and convention, is coming to Downtown Nampa on Saturday, August 7 from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. You'll find it set up on 1st Street S between 12th & 13th Avenue.

During the convention, you'll be able to swap bigfoot stories, buy bigfoot themed merchandise, see a map of Idaho bigfoot sightings and post about your own bigfoot encounter on the reader board. Organizers are also bringing in a full-sized bigfoot for a one of a kind photo-op.

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Like any good convention, there will be guest speakers and panels where Bigfoot enthusiasts will share their own stories. So far, those panels include:

  • Todd Neiss: Researcher of Bigfoot and Sasquatch Studies who recently appeared on History Channel's The Unexplained
  • Wayne Stapleton & Geroges Hemingway: Podcast hosts who were part of the Hulu documentary Sasquatch
  • Stories Around the Campfire: An all-comers, open mic panel for anyone to share their bigfoot sightings and vocalization stories.

In total, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has followed-up with at least 99 Bigfoot signings in Idaho. The most recent took place in October 2020. A hunter was spooked by loud knocks in Latah County. He's hunted on the land where the possible sighting took lace and had never experienced something so bizarre.

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Bonner County has had the most sightings (18) including this Class A sighting where a couple shared a photo they took of possible Bigfoot tracks. They told the investigator that the tracks were about sixteen inches long and almost seven inches wide. The couple claims that the bigfoot they saw was about eight feet tall, had a rounded head with no ears and no snout.

I started going down a rabbit hole reading the through the database of Idaho sightings, so I'm taking it as a sign that Squatch Con Idaho would be something that I could totally get lost in!.If you love a good bigfoot story, bookmark their Facebook page to keep up with the latest details on the con!

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