If you were a child in the seventies, you were a witness to one of the most disturbing images on television, the Bigfoot video. Can you imagine how many kids hid under their beds, afraid that Bigfoot would 'get them?' Books, movies, video games, and just about anything imaginable feature Sasquatch or Bigfoot's image throughout the years.   

The creature's popularity continues to grow despite not one piece of substantial evidence that Bigfoot is real. However, an Idaho professor recently appeared on the History Channel, stating that Bigfoot is real, reports the Idaho Press. Idaho State University Dr. Jeff Meldrum and other experts examined the old video using new technology. 

The video that caused so many of us to be fearful was shot in 1967. The professor calls Bigfoot Patty. He tells the History Channel that he's studied the muscles of the beast, which confirm that it is not some nut in a gorilla outfit.  

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"The authenticity argument continues as Meldrum examines the creature's gait and calf muscles' fluidity and the enhanced reveal of the old film. And with an extended body and shorter legs, Meldrum estimates the "Patty" Sasquatch weighed in at about 880 pounds. All three experts believe this 1967 filmed Sasquatch is a female, hence the "Patty" moniker as the enhanced film shows her pendulous breasts as she steps. Munn says natural breasts will exhibit fluidity when the biped is in motion."

Idaho has long been rumored to be one of the many homes of Bigfoot. International talk show host George Noory broke a story a few months ago, along with a video, that showed Bigfoot in Idaho. You can read that story here.  

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