Oh no, is that Sparky getting into the Holy Water again? Well--maybe you've never had to say that sentence before but this coming Monday you might.

If there's one thing that folks here in the Treasure Valley love more than almost anything (and yes, that includes hiking and craft beer) it would easily be their animals. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a bird, or a goldfish--your pet is a member of your household!

One local church knows that your love your pets and they're welcoming you out on Monday to have them blessed! Perhaps your dog is already a saint or your cat could use an exorcism--this is for everyone!

On Monday, October 4th at 6:30 p.m., Saint Paul's Catholic Church in Nampa has announced they will be blessing pets! If you're wondering why--well, in the Catholic Church, October 4th is the "Feast Day" of Saint Francis who is known as the patron of animals. You can't celebrate the animal guy without inviting the animals, right?

According to their post, the event will also offer treats and photo opportunities. Maybe you can just spectate if you don't have a pet and really love animals?

Saint Paul's Catholic Church is located at 510 W Roosevelt Avenue in Nampa, Idaho.

By the way--if blessing your pets isn't your vibe but you would rather have a brew with them on Monday, did you know that 10Barrel Brewing has a beer for that? Yes, you and your dog can enjoy one, for more check out the details below:

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