Why is it that so many "celebrities" have interest in Idaho these days? It seems that the secret is out on our beloved state and not only is everyone wanting to come and move here but now, they're hoping to have a say in what is going on here as well. Look, we love Idaho but what's the appeal!? Idaho will be Idaho and those that live here know that.

Remember Janice McGeachin? She's the Lieutenant Governor in Idaho that for the longest time, wouldn't stop trying to one-up, over-rule, and out-power the actual Governor, Brad Little every time he left town.

Here's a glimpse at memory lane during Janice's gubernatorial run

Janice McGeachin Campaigns for Idaho Governor

Idaho's Conservative Liuetenant Governor Janice McGeachin tours the state of Idaho battling the Libs.

Although not coming from Janice herself, more election drama surrounding her has surfaced. 

Remember the "As Seen on TV" guy Mike Lindell? He's the CEO of "My Pillow".  He has a lot to say about alleged "election fraud" these days, trailblazing an effort nationwide to uncover voter fraud that has never been proven to be true.

Now, he's looking to Idaho and saying we're home to a wave of voter fraud. You can see the video below:

  Do we really think that something this insane happened in Idaho as the pillow guy is claiming? The majority would side with: no.  In fact, as local writer and reporter Melissa Davlin shares..we don't even use "voting machines" in Idaho?      


We'll keep you posted on the pillow guy's mission here in Idaho but something tells us...we may never see the "proof" that he claims to have for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Speaking of conspiracies, though... 

Here Is The Most Popular Conspiracy in Idaho & Surrounding States

Here are the most popular conspiracy theories based on searches in Idaho and surrounding states thanks to data from USDirect.com.

Idaho Counties with the Highest COVID-19 Vaccination Rate

Idaho Named One Of Best Hiking States In The Country

After previously being unmentioned as one of the top hiking states in America, Idaho has climbed (pun intended) the list and now cracks the Top 15!

It's not alone, either. Many of the surrounding states have made the list, as well. So, if you're living in Boise or the Treasure Valley you never have to travel far to find some of the best hiking in the country, even if you want to escape the state.

Here are the Top 12 States For Hiking In The Country. Get your best trail boots on, and let's check out the list.



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