CAT Scan machine, you have to fit in that little hole.

Once you're diagnosed with cancer everything becomes very serious, which goes against pretty much everything I am.  While Dr. Sawyer was having the mandatory consultation, he looked and me and said, "I know what you're going to say, but you really should consider seeing a medical oncologist about chemo."  At that point it was game on. I told him since he knew my answer, why put that poor doctor through the pain.  He probably will just for the grins and giggles.

He really tried to make me admit how serious my cancer really is.  I would be willing to bet he even took an extra class in sincerity, because he was pegging the serious meter, but I just can't be cancer doctor serious.  I have to do this my way. (cue Sinatra, not Elvis)

Well part of the serious conversation was getting a CAT scan.  I'm more of a dog person, OK bad joke, but I am. Something most people don't even consider is telling your doctor where you want what done, but you can do that. When I told them I wanted to get my scan at the Imaging Center of Idaho, you could have heard a feather bounce off the floor.  You see hospitals hate losing that much money, especially when it's pretty well a slam dunk. It took probably about 5 minutes for it to sink in, then they couldn't find the phone number for them, I had to give it to them. They really hate when their sure shot is blocked.

I like the Imaging Center of Idaho for many reasons, but one of the main ones is they have the latest equipment and they will save you and your insurance company money.

A CAT scan involves you getting an injection of some sort of stuff that makes tumors stand out, then shoving your body parts through a round machine. Well that's the technical explanation.

The solution they use to make the cancer stand out also makes you warm for a couple of minutes, from what they say it's like having a hot flash.  I had two of them this time. It also makes your mouth taste funny and then everything smells like the Port of Angeles, yes I smelled the last port I took a cruise out of and come to think of it the CAT scan cost about the same as that vacation.

I got a disc copy of my CAT scan so I could see it on my computer.  From what I can tell, I have a lot of stuff running inside me and I have no idea what anything is. Guess I'm gonna have to depend on a doctor.  I just wish they wouldn't be so dog gone serious,  next Tuesday I find out what all those things running inside me are, good or bad.

Kevin Mee


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