Can You Find the Cheetah
Tour guide Francois Collin was snapping pictures with his I-Phone, this was just a random shot of the landscape and clouds, it wasn't until later that he spotted the cat in the picture. The picture was taken at Kruger National Park. Francois only regret was he didn't spot the Cheetah live.…
Dog Or Cat
Our son, Kody took this picture of the storm Thursday, 9/17/2015.
I started looking at it and saw a dog, then Kody looked at it and said it's a cat.  He explained his and I explained mine and you can pretty well see both.
What do you see, is it a dog or a cat...
My Life With Cancer
CAT Scan machine, you have to fit in that little hole.
Once you're diagnosed with cancer everything becomes very serious, which goes against pretty much everything I am.  While Dr. Sawyer was having the mandatory consultation, he looked and me and said, "I know what you're goi…